Sunday, March 24, 2013

Issue with restarting Essbase Aministration Services (EAS) when EAS hung up

Stop and restart EAS services. This should work most of the times. If not, try some of the below tips

First ( and the best), check the logs. You can find the starter logs at "$ORACLE_MIDDLEWARE_HOME/user_projects/domains/EPMSystem/servers/EssbaseAdminServices0/logs/EssbaseAdminServices0.log". Check there is any errors and warning. You will find the error information.

If you want to fix it without analyzing the logs, try some of the below tips.

1. If Step 1 not working, stop the EAS service and see is there any zombie - hung up java service (related to EAS )is running. If yes, kill it and try to restart EAS again. I have seen this issue in AIX 64. It may be the same with other platforms.

2. Check the database repository used to configure EAS  is up and running. Try to connect it using toad or sql developer.If it is up, check whether it is accepting connections or not. In some cases, repository will be up and running but it will not accept the connections. You can easily check these by trying to connect to database using Toad or sql developer tool. If you see any issues, contact your DBA.

3. Recently, i got a issue with weblogic services. Weblogic services are down so EAS cannot be brought up. There may be several reasons why weblogic services are not starting. I found below message on EAS starter log.
WARNING: Opening of wallet based credential store failed. Reason PKI-02002: Unable to open the wallet. Check password. 

 In my case, cwallet.sso file got corrupted. This file stores security information related to weblogic in encrypted format.

We have to recreate cwallet.sso file. Before recreating, take backup of existing cwallet.sso file and delete it. cwallet.sso file can be found at $ORACLE_MIDDLEWARE_HOME/user_projects/domains/EPMSystem/config/fmwconfig/.

Then, Re-create the cwallet.sso file using orapki utility.
 To recreate the file navigate to $ORACLE_MIDDLEWARE_HOME/oracle_common/bin  and run below command.
                 "orapki wallet create -wallet $CWALLET_PATH -auto_login_only"

where $CWALLET_PATH = $ORACLE_MIDDLEWARE_HOME/user_projects/domains/EPMSystem/config/fmwconfig/ 


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  1. You can simply copy the file from another environment (Like DEV or QA).